The Top 7 Electronic Component Distributors in Asia

The Top 7 Electronic Component Distributors in Asia

Today, digitization encompasses all aspects of business/industrial behavior. It has also resulted in widespread consumer electronics adoption and skyrocketing demand for connection and mobility. However, to meet this demand, there has been a remarkable increase in the production of electronic components and electronic parts suppliers, which is a critical component in producing electronic goods. In recent years, wholesale electronic providers in Asia have made a considerable contribution to the global economy, focusing on enhancing the quality of their goods rather than quantity. The following list the top ten leading Asian electronic component suppliers.



Cogobuy Group is one of the most well-known Asian electronic component distributors specializing in selling IC and associated components and offering services to the AI and IoT industries.

Following a significant company restructure in 2019, the group combined chip sales on into Comtech and R&D and IoT product finance and management services, previously under the AIoT business services platform, into IngDan, producing a new “Comtech + IngDan” dual business model.

Comtech has access to a network of over 50% of worldwide IC vendors, including the top 100 global manufacturers and prominent local chip businesses. It also offers comprehensive and competent emerging technological solutions to upstream chip suppliers by boosting the uses of their goods and technologies through and extensive data analysis.


Win Source Electronics

Win Source Electronics, founded in 1999, is one of the top electronic component distributors in the cross-border power sector, providing complete component contracting and supply chain solutions to the worldwide electronics production and distribution industry as one of the best Asian electronic component distributors. Win Source Electronics quickly grew into a well-known organization in the field of electronic component distribution in Asia, thanks to the elite team’s rich knowledge of electronic channels, the condition monitoring of the service as a basis, and the increasingly professional rapid sourcing team as the basic growth strategy.



Throughout the previous 40 years, the Group has constantly kept up with market requirements and changes. Willas-Array achieved broad and quick expansion from Hong Kong to the Greater China area by further integrating the aspects of a devoted staff force and tight interaction with commercial partners. The Group expanded its core to Asia-Pacific and formed long-term ties with prominent global suppliers.

Willas-Array places equal emphasis on internal and external growth. Willas-Array continually develops internal operation methods to boost the Group’s innovation and productivity, resulting in expanded and extensive competitiveness and performance. In addition to the wide variety of electronic components offered by Willas-Array, the Group develops reference solutions at the lowest possible cost to satisfy customers,  electronic parts suppliers, and employees.


Mobicon Remote Electronics

Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd, founded in January 2002, is a Singapore subsidiary of Mobicon Holding Limited (HK). Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd is one of the best Singapore-based electronic component distributors.

Capacitors, connectors, crystals, diodes, fuses, I.C., LED, relays, resistors, switches, terminal blocks, transistors, and EEPROM, are all available from the firm. They also provide testing and measurement tools such as a DC power supply, a multimeter, a waveform generator, an oscilloscope, a data collecting unit/datalogger, a bandwidth meter, and a spectrum analyzer.


Power Palazzo

“Power Palazzo Pvt Ltd” has over 24 years of expertise in delivering high-quality active and passive components for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

“Power Palazzo,” one of the most well-known  Asian electronic distributors, now delivers the latest and greatest LED driver technology. They are the most durable, cost-effective, and specifically developed for harsh Indian circumstances. Power Palazzo is now a proud supplier of driver solutions for a wide range of led goods and applications. HPF and LPF Isolated and Non-Isolated Drivers, Tube Light Drivers, Street Light, Flood Light, and High-Bay Drivers are all available. In addition, they provide an extensive selection of IP65 Waterproof Drivers to extend driver life. Along with LED Drivers, they also offer Components, SMD & COB LEDs, and MCPCB solutions.


Arihant Systems & Electricals

Arihant Electricals is a technology-driven engineering manufacturing and distribution. They specialize in designing, developing, and producing products and solutions for various industries, including electronics manufacturing, railways, defense, aerospace, automation, process, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and electrical and mechanical panels. For over 33 years, many clients, scientists, technicians, and engineers have placed their trust in the company for their projects. In addition, they offer extensive assistance to their clients throughout our entire product line to assist them in developing, optimizing, and implementing new applications and technologies.



iConnexion Asia Pte. Ltd. is a distributor of passive and electromechanical electronic components, a provider of value-added cable assembly services, and a provider of flexible and rigid PCB solutions. iConnexion has seen constant development due to its hard work, adherence to solid business strategies, and commitment to client satisfaction. iConnexion is committed to the concepts that were so beneficial in the past.

iConnexion’s mission is to be a successful Asia Pacific regional distributor by concentrating on a complete and complementary line card and targeting passive, electromechanical, and interconnect components. Because of company size and concentration, they can offer a local inventory of a wide range of core items. iConnexion prioritizes excellent engineering capabilities and customized programs to meet customer requirements.



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