Selecting the Right SMD Power Chip or Through-Hole Inductor

Selecting the Right SMD Power Chip or Through-Hole Inductor


As technology grows and advances, the need for selecting a suitable SMD power chip or through hole inductors becomes increasingly essential. SMD power chips and through hole inductors can dramatically affect the efficiency and performance of various circuits and products, so it is vital to understand these components’ multiple features and capabilities.

This guide will introduce SMD power chip inductors and through hole inductors, explain how the SMD power supply circuit works, and give a list of the top 10 inductor manufacturers worldwide. With this knowledge, you can be better informed about which type of inductor is best for your unique needs and be confident in your choice. If you have trouble choosing the best inductor for your project or don’t know the factor to consider the best inductors, read our blogs!

Selecting the Right SMD Power Chip or Through-Hole Inductor

What Is SMD Power Chip Inductor? 

SMD power inductors or SMD power chip inductors are small components that store and release energy in a circuit. They are usually found in surface mount technology (SMT) circuits and power supply designs. SMD power chip inductors are composed of individual coils that are etched onto a chip and then coated with a protective material. Due to their small size, they are ideal for circuits with limited board space or where higher component density is desired. They can also be used in applications where EMI/RFI noise suppression is necessary. 

SMD power chip inductors are the most reliable and cost-effective way to implement a power supply circuit. The chip’s surface-mounted design improves power transfer efficiency and reduces the amount of heat generated by the circuit. In addition, the chip’s small size allows it to be easily incorporated into various circuit designs and helps minimize the required board space.

Certain specifications should be kept in mind to ensure that the inductor used is the best choice for the application. These specifications include the inductance value, current carrying capacity, temperature range, and power rating. Additionally, the substrate material used to construct the chip should be considered, as it affects its performance. Generally, the substrate material should dissipate heat effectively and protect the chip from physical damage.


How Does SMD Power Supply Work? 

An SMD power supply circuit comprises several essential components, including an SMD power chip inductor, a capacitor, and a diode. The inductor and capacitor act as a filter to regulate the current supplied to the circuit. The diode protects the circuit from damage due to an excess voltage.

The primary function of a power supply circuit is to step down the voltage from a higher value to a lower one that is suitable for the circuit’s needs. The incoming voltage is first filtered using the inductor and capacitor to achieve this. Next, the filtered signal is pushed through the diode, where the excess voltage is regulated and discharged. Finally, the filtered voltage is sent to the circuit’s load. 

The SMD power chip inductor is crucial in the power supply circuit. The inductor’s coils act as a filter, allowing only the required current to pass through the diode. Additionally, the inductor’s small size allows it to incorporate into tight spaces while efficiently providing effective filtering. 


Top 10 Inductor Manufacturers Around the World 

When selecting an SMD power chip inductor, it is essential to choose a high-quality inductor from a reliable manufacturer. To help you find the best inductor for your application, here is a list of the top 10 inductor manufacturers worldwide. 

  1. Murata: One of the largest manufacturers of SMD power inductors and through hole inductors. They offer various inductor types, from small ferrite core inductors to radial lead inductors. 
  2. Taiyo Yuden: Taiyo Yuden is a leading producer of SMD power inductors and ceramic and surface mount capacitors. Their products have been proven to have a reliable performance in various applications. 
  3. Samsung Electro-Mechanics: A leading manufacturer of SMD power chip inductors, MLCCs, and several other electronic components. 
  4. TDK: TDK is a leading supplier of passive and magnetic components, such as inductors and ferrite beads. They have a wide range of inductors that can meet the needs of various applications. 
  5. Pulse Electronics: A supplier of specialized SMD components, including inductors, transformers, and antennas. 
  6. Sumida: One of the largest manufacturers of magnetic components, including SMD power chips. They offer many low-profile, high-quality inductors that can be used in various applications. 
  7. Würth Elektronik: A manufacturer of electronic components, including SMD power chips and other inductors. 
  8. Vishay: A leading supplier of passive components, including SMD power chips. They offer a variety of inductor types with various inductance ratings, current capabilities, and power ratings. 
  9. AVX Corporation: AVX Corporation provides various passive components, such as ceramic capacitors and inductors. They offer low-cost solutions for various applications. 
  10. Panasonic: Panasonic is a leading producer of SMD passive components, including magnetic power chips. They offer a variety of inductor types and sizes, as well as other magnetic components. 



In conclusion, selecting the right SMD power chip or through-hole inductor is critical to the success and efficiency of any electronic circuit. These components are vital in controlling and storing energy, and the right choice can significantly affect your circuit’s performance.

By choosing the suitable inductor for your project, you can ensure that your circuit operates at optimal efficiency, reduces the risk of component failure, and meets the needs of your specific application. Whether designing a new circuit or upgrading an existing one, the right inductor can help you achieve the desired outcome and meet your goals.

By partnering with the right supplier, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible components for your project and have access to the support and expertise you need to complete your project successfully. Get a free quote by clicking here!

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