Any part or component that allows an interconnect solution to connect with another part or component is referred to as a “interconnect connection.” Or to put it another way, “interconnect connection” is just a more technical term for “connector.” Henceforth, “interconnect connection” and “connector” shall have the same meaning. One or more connectors may be necessary for an interconnect system to work effectively. The quantity needed for a specific gadget depends on its intended use and design. Although not every connector will include every element listed below, contacts and housings are the two fundamental parts that every connector is made up of. Browse through over products and purchase the selection of your choice. Contact us if you need any assistance. We will give you great deals and prices!


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A switch is an electrical tool that manually or automatically breaks or creates an electrical circuit. The on/off mechanism is essential to a switch’s operation. They are used in various electrical or electronic circuits to activate or regulate the owl circuit. The connections they make to the circuit determine the many kinds of switches. What kinds of connections a switch can make can be determined by two crucial elements like pole and through. These two elements also define variations of switch contact. Here, the terms “poles” and “throws” can be used to describe how many circuits a switch can control, with “poles” being the number of circuits it can handle and “throws” being the number of positions it can take. One pair of open or closed contacts make up a single-throw switch. A contact connected to two other contacts is part of a double-throw switch. 

Different switch types are employed across a diverse spectrum of industries. Information technology (IT), telecommunications, manufacturing, industrial automation, transportation, energy, and smart city surveillance are some sectors that use them to deploy their electronic systems. Electronic components in Europe are essential for a wide range of industries, enabling the development of cutting-edge technologies. Switches are crucial parts of electronic systems because they help establish secure connections and seamless interaction. The following are some switch types that are frequently used in the production of electronic components:


Single Pole Single Throw Switches

Single Pole Single Throw Switches

Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switches are straightforward devices with a single input and output contact. SPST switches are the most fundamental switch and are frequently utilized in various electrical and electronic applications. One cable and one connection are under control by this light switch circuit. Appliances, power tools, consumer electronics, and numerous other products use SPSTs.


Single Pole Double Throw Switches

Single Pole Double Throw Switches The SPDT switches have three terminals, one as input and the other as output. It connects to a shared terminal with one of the other terminals. These crucial electronic components, SPDT switches, can switch between two sources, reverse motor directions, change signal routes, or toggle between two alternative configurations.


Double Pole Single Throw Switches

Double Pole Single Throw Switches The DPST switch has two poles, meaning two identical switches are placed side by side. Due to the way this switch operates, two separate circuits can be controlled simultaneously by a single push. They are European electronic components that can be utilized in various equipment and systems, including industrial machinery, power distribution panels, motor control circuits, heating and cooling systems, and lighting controls. 


Double Pole Double Throw Switches

Double Pole Double Throw Switches This switch connects the two inputs of each independent circuit to one of the two outputs, equivalent to two SPDT switches. The switch position determines the number of routes that each contact can take from the two contacts. Systems that need to be able to flip between two different locations or manage several circuits or devices often employ DPDT switches. They have applications in devices like audio equipment, amplifiers, relay controls, motor control circuits, and selector switches.


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FAQs About Switches

Q: What are switches used for?

A: A switch is a device used in electrical engineering that can join or detach a circuit’s conducting path, halting the flow of electricity or rerouting it to another conductor.

Q: How does a switch work in a circuit?

A: An electric switch is a component that halts the flow of electrons in a circuit. In general, switches are binary devices that can be either fully on or off, and light switches have a straightforward layout. When the switch is flipped off, the circuit is broken, and the electricity is cut off. A power source and a load make up a circuit.

Q: Where can I order switches?

A: Switches can be ordered via various sources, including switch distributors and manufacturer websites. It is advised to choose trustworthy and reliable suppliers who offer electronic components in Europe, such as MLC Europe B.V., to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the items.

Q: What is MLC Europe B.V.?

A: MLC Europe B.V. is a company that offers a broad spectrum of electronic components in Europe. MLC Europe B.V. is a switch distributor specializing in distributing and supplying electronic parts. We provide various products from various manufacturers to serve multiple markets and uses.

Q: Is MLC Europe B.V. trustworthy in ordering switches?

A: MLC Europe B.V. is renowned for its proficiency and expertise in the electronic components market. Delivering excellent products and trustworthy services is the basis of our reputation.

Q: Does MLC Europe B.V. have a range of switches?

A: MLC Europe B.V. provides an extensive selection of switches to accommodate different demands and industries. We collaborate with other companies to offer a wide range of products and guarantee that our customers can obtain their needs.

Q: How can I place a switch order from MLC Europe B.V.?

A: Visit the MLC Europe B.V. website to find more information about our available products and how to contact us. We give the contact information of our phone numbers, email addresses, or online inquiry forms to make the purchase and communication processes easier for our clients.


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