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Strain gauges gauge an object’s deformation or strain due to applied forces. They are widely utilized in engineering, research, and industrial applications to track and study the mechanical behavior and structural integrity of materials and components. Strain gauges are long, thin parts composed of conductive material like metal or semiconductor. They are intended to bond or attach to the surface of the monitored object or building. The object deforms or strains when a force or stress is applied to it, which affects the strain gauge’s electrical resistance.

The strain or deformation of the object can be precisely measured by observing the variation in the strain gauge’s resistance. Assessing the structural integrity, stress distribution, and functionality of various materials, components, and structures requires using important information. Applications, including load testing, structural analysis, material testing, fatigue analysis, and quality control, can all benefit from the data that strain gauges can provide. Different strain gauges and other electronic components in Europe are available from MLC Europe B.V. The following are a few strain gauges that are often used in the production of electrical goods:


Metallic Foil Strain Gauges

Metallic Foil Strain Gauges The most popular kind of strain gauges are made of metallic foil. These strain gauges comprise a backing material and a thin metallic foil, commonly made of constantan or nickel-chromium alloy. When the foil is under strain, its resistance varies, making it possible to quantify deformation precisely. Metallic foil strain gauges and other variations are provided by the strain gauge distributor MLC Europe B.V. to clients worldwide via their website.


Semiconductor Strain Gauges

Semiconductor Strain Gauges Semiconductor materials, like silicon, are used to create semiconductor strain gauges because they change resistance when under strain. They have benefits such as a high gauge factor (sensitivity), the ability to compensate for temperature changes and small size. Semiconductor strain gauges are commonly employed in microelectronics and other applications where miniaturization is essential.


Bonded Resistance Strain Gauges

Bonded Resistance Strain Gauges

Resistant to bonding despite having a somewhat different design, strain gauges are comparable to metallic foil. They consist of an insulating substance with a resistive element inserted in it, which is typically a wire or a thin strip. Measurements of strain-induced changes in resistance are made with the gauge’s whole assembly bound to the object being examined. Strain gauges and other electronic components in Europe are offered by MLC Europe B.V. Customers worldwide may also order from our website to obtain their required parts.


Thick Film Strain Gauges

Thick Film Strain Gauges

A thick layer of conductive ink or paste is applied to a substrate to produce broad film strain gauges. They are frequently screen-printed onto a surface, making installation simple. Thick film strain gauges are often employed in applications where great precision is not required since they are cost-effective. 


Optical Fiber Strain Gauges

Optical Fiber Strain Gauges The mechanism of fiber Bragg gratings is used by optical fiber strain gauges to measure strain. They comprise an optical fiber segment whose refractive index varies regularly. The periodic structure of the fiber modifies during strain, changing the wavelength of light reflected by the grating. This wavelength shift can be analyzed to estimate the strain.


Capacitive Strain Gauges

Capacitive Strain Gauges Changes in capacitance are used by capacitive strain gauges to measure strain. Two parallel plates are what they are made of, spaced apart by a dielectric substance. The capacitance changes due to a change in the spacing between the plates when strain is applied. The strain can be measured by observing the variation in capacitance. Premium capacitive strain gauges are shipped worldwide by MLC Europe B.V. at the most competitive prices to customers.


We Are a Distributor of Strain Gauges

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FAQs About Strain Gauges

Q: What are strain gauges?

A: Sensors called strain gauges alter the measured electrical resistance in response to variations in strain. Strain is the material’s displacement or deformation due to applied stress. Stress is the force exerted on a material divided by the cross-sectional area of the substance.

Q: Why are strain gauges important?

A: Strain gauges are one of the most crucial sensing devices used in the electrical measurement method to assess mechanical quantities. Strain gauges are used to measure strain, as their name suggests.

Q: Where can I order strain gauges?

A: A few sources to buy strain gauges include electronic distributors and manufacturer websites. Working with reputable companies like MLC Europe B.V., who provide electrical components in Europe, is advised if you want to ensure the product’s high quality and originality.

Q: What is MLC Europe B.V.?

A: MLC Europe B.V. is a reputable distributor of electronic components in Europe. Electronic parts are also provided and distributed globally by MLC Europe B.V. To meet various markets’ requests and offer diversity to our valued customers; we provide many strain gauges from different vendors.

Q: Can I trust MLC Europe B.V. to order Strain Gauges?

A: In the market for electronic components, MLC Europe B.V. has solidified a strong name as an organization that is highly professional and informed. Strain gauges available on our website are of the highest quality and most competitive price; therefore, you can confidently purchase strain gauges from our website.

Q: Does MLC Europe B.V. deliver a wide selection of Strain Gauges worldwide?

A: MLC Europe B.V. provides a variety of strain gauges to customers not only in Europe but also worldwide to meet their needs across a variety of industries. Customers who have chosen to purchase from MLC Europe B.V. may rely on our industry expertise and cutting-edge solutions to satisfy their needs for electronic components on a global scale.


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