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A sensor gathers information by the detection of a physical, chemical, or biological quantity and turns that information into an electrical signal. A more versatile tool for changing energy from one form into another is a transducer. Consequently, a sensor is a particular kind of transducer that converts one form into another, whether it be physical, chemical, or biological (electronic data) Products for sensors and transducers make it easier to monitor or detect physical occurrences and processes, frequently but not always by converting them into some kind of electrical signal. Products for measuring colour, fluid level or flow, gas concentration, image detection, magnetic field, linear acceleration or rotation, vibration, light intensity, object presence, distance, temperature, and mechanical strain are among those that are available. Browse through over products and purchase the selection of your choice. Contact us if you need any assistance. We will give you great deals and prices!


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Order Sensors and Transducers With MLC Europe B.V.

An electrical circuit or system can use sensors and transducers, input and output devices that allow it to measure or alter its surrounding environment respectively. But before an electrical circuit or system can accomplish any helpful work or function, it must be able to interact with the “real world,” whether this involves reading an input signal from an “on/off” switch or turning on an output device to turn on a single light. It is often, but only sometimes, done by converting physical processes and phenomena into some electrical signal that sensor and transducer goods make it easier to monitor or detect them. In other words, sensors and transducers are the ideal parts for an electronic system or circuit to be able or capable of doing something.

In many different industries, where the measurement and detection of physical properties are critical, sensors and transducers find uses. Automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics, robotics, and energy are significant industries that heavily utilize sensors and transducers. Because of their adaptability and diversity of uses, sensors and transducers are essential for many industries. They allow automation, data collection, and accurate measurement of physical characteristics for increased effectiveness, safety, and performance. Many different sensors and transducers are built to measure or detect particular physical parameters. The specialized supplier MLC Europe B.V. offers the following typical types of sensors and transducers:


Current Sensors

Current Sensors Current sensors are made to identify changes in how electricity flows across a wire or circuit and react to those changes. The available current sensing ranges from programmable to 5mA to 2500A for detecting AC or DC. The sensor types include the existing switch, flux gate, hall effect, current indicator, current sensor, magnetic modulator, magnetoresistive, and transformer with conditioning. With many other types of sensors and transducers, MLC Europe B.V. offers current sensors for customers seeking electronic parts. MLC Europe B.V. is a specialized distributor of electronic components in Europe, helping various markets fulfill their requirements.



Encoders The purpose of encoders is to convert changes in motion or position into electrical signals. Encoders can output electrical signals in code, such as binary, octal, hexadecimal, or grey code, or by changing output signals, such as frequency or differential voltage, to follow the motion optically, mechanically, or by changing magnetic fields. Encoders can be used in various applications thanks to their supply voltage options, mounting options, output resolution per revolution, and actuators. 


Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors This class of products is used to monitor or detect the movement of fluids like air or water. The more complex products can produce a variable output from which the fluid flow can be calculated as a mass or volume-per-time quantity, in contrast to the more specific products, which can only provide a binary signal of whether or not the flow rate exceeds some defined value. In both situations, the working fluid’s characteristics significantly impact device performance. Media compatibility is another important consideration when choosing and using a device. MLC Europe B.V. is a trusted provider of high-quality flow sensors and many other sensors and transducers. 


Sensor and Transducer Amplifiers

Sensor and Transducer Amplifiers Sensor and transducer amplifiers use application-specific circuitry to amplify and convert a sensor’s unprocessed output signal into a form that may be used. Some output types are analog voltage or current, digital, NPN or PNP transistor, linear, and relay contacts. Brackets, cables, chassis, DIN rail, board surface, and through-hole are common mounting types.


Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors Temperature sensors measure hot or cold temperatures and turn the results into an electrical signal according to the detection. The types include mechanical, industrial mechanical, solid state, NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors, thermocouples, temperature probes, analog and digital output, industrial analog and digital output, and NTC thermistors. MLC Europe B.V., an experienced distributor of sensors and transducers, offers electronic components through its website at the most competitive prices in the market.


Gas Sensors

Gas Sensors A gas’s existence or a shift in its concentration can be detected using gas sensors, which can then act accordingly. The kind of gas that is being detected helps to identify them. Acetylene, alcohol, benzine, butane, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, methane, natural gas, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, ozone, propane, and sulfur dioxide are a few examples.


We Are a Distributor of Sensors and Transducers

The most competitive prices for electronic components in Europe are provided by MLC Europe B.V. A leading distributor in Europe, MLC Europe B.V. also offers top-notch deliveries of electronic components for worldwide customers. With the support of our extensive product catalog and industry experience, we would be happy to meet your needs for various electrical components.

We provide electronic parts at the most cost-effective prices without sacrificing quality. We can negotiate advantageous costs to offer low charges because of our good contacts with other manufacturers.

Customers worldwide can order electronic components from the MLC Europe B.V. website to acquire long-lasting, high-quality products and other parts that adequately meet their applications’ requirements. Our online store, where you can quickly browse sensors and transducers based on your requirements, offers a faultless purchasing experience. Our comprehensive search features make choosing suitable sensors and transducers for your application simple. 

At MLC Europe B.V., we emphasize client happiness and ensure they obtain high-quality products from reliable vendors. We are dedicated to quality in our online store, where we value secure transactions and quick order processing. We make a lot of effort to offer our customers simple and dependable purchases of electronic parts, including sensors and transducers. 

For detailed information about your needed electronic components in Europe, including sensors and transducers, to browse our inventory, and to make a purchase that will support your electrical aspirations with first-rate customer service at competitive prices, visit the MLC Europe B.V. website immediately.


FAQs About Sensors and Transducers

Q: What are sensors and transducers?

A: An object known as a transducer transforms one type of energy into another, for example, turning mechanical energy into electrical impulses. On the other hand, a sensor recognizes a particular input, such as light, temperature, pressure, or motion, and reacts to it to provide a quantifiable output.

Q: What are sensor and transducer examples?

A: A sensor is an easy-to-use gadget. An intricate electrical circuit inside a transducer is utilized to convert energy. Thermometers, pressure, ultrasonic, and light sensors are a few examples of sensors. Thermistors, potentiometers, piezoelectric transducers, Hall Effect transducers, etc., are a few examples of transducers.

Q: Is a transducer also a sensor?

A: Although not all transducers are sensors, most sensors are considered transducers. A thermistor, for instance, is a type of sensor; it reacts to changes in temperature but does not shift the energy into a form other than that in which it was first sensed.

Q: Where can I order sensors and transducers?

A: Sensor and transducer distributors and manufacturer websites offer these electronic devices in a comprehensive catalog. Choosing reputable and trustworthy suppliers of electronic components in Europe, like MLC Europe B.V., is advised to assure the reliability and legitimacy of your required goods.

Q: Is MLC Europe B.V. a sensor and transducer distributor?

A: For distinct market demands, MLC Europe B.V. offers a variety of electronic components in Europe. Customers looking for related products can also get sensors and transducers from MLC Europe B.V. 

Q: How can I order sensors and transducers from MLC Europe B.V.?

A: On the website of MLC Europe B.V., you can find comprehensive information regarding our electronic components. Our contact information can be found on our website. You can quickly contact us if you have questions about buying electronic parts, such as sensors and transducers.

Q: Does MLC Europe B.V. have all types of sensors and transducers?

A: With a broad selection of sensors and transducers, MLC Europe B.V. can meet the requirements of several global markets. At MLC Europe B.V., we work with various companies to provide a variety of electronic components, such as sensors and transducers, to ensure our customers can meet all their needs.


Contact Us To Buy Sensors and Transducers

For your applications or projects, we’re ready to collaborate with you to choose the best sensors, transducers, and additional components. Utilize the details on our website to get in touch with us.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components


Electronic components are the building blocks of electronics, shaping how the world works around us. They form the foundation of electronic devices, contributing to advancements in various sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, communication, transportation, and many more. In essence, they are the backbone of our digitally-driven world.

Electronic components can be classified into different categories based on function and complexity. These components control and manipulate electrical currents to achieve desired outcomes at their core. They can be a resistor that limits current flow or as complex as a microprocessor that performs billions of calculations per second.

At MLC Europe B.V., we provide an extensive range of electronic components catering to a broad spectrum of needs. Whether you are a professional electronics engineer, an electronics student, or a hobbyist, our electronic components online shop offers an expansive selection to cater to your specific requirements.

Active electronic components such as transistors, diodes, integrated circuits (ICs), and microprocessors, which require an external energy source and can control the flow of electricity, are crucial to the functioning of various electronic devices.

We also provide passive electronic components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers. These components do not require an external power source to operate and instead react to the electrical current flowing through them.

In addition, we offer a selection of other essential electronic components, including sensors, switches, connectors, batteries, and relays. These components play crucial roles in the functionality and performance of electronic systems, often enhancing the devices’ utility, convenience, and efficiency.

When you buy electronic components from MLC Europe B.V., you are not just purchasing parts. You are investing in reliability, quality, and innovation. We, as one of the top distributors in the industry, are devoted to providing our customers with high-quality electronic components. We offer components that ensure longevity and optimum performance, contributing significantly to your projects’ success.

Electronic components from MLC Europe B.V. aren’t just pieces of metal and silicon; they are stepping stones toward a more innovative future. By empowering individuals and businesses with top-quality electronic components, we aim to be an integral part of the journey toward technological advancement. So join us, and together, let’s shape the future of electronics.


Electronic Supply Store – MLC Europe B.V.

Electronic Supply Store – MLC Europe B.V.




MLC Europe B.V. is not just an electronic supply store but a beacon for all electronic enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals seeking quality, variety, and convenience. Our online platform is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses, providing a broad spectrum of electronic components with just a few clicks.

As a premier electronic components online shop, MLC Europe B.V. strives to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers, offering numerous components sourced from reliable and reputed manufacturers. Our inventory is meticulously organized and constantly updated to include the industry’s latest and most sought-after components.

At our electronic supply store, we cater to the specific needs of every customer. We provide a variety of components to select from, ranging from simple passive elements (such as resistors and capacitors) to more advanced ones (like transistors and integrated circuits). This, coupled with our range of sensors, switches, connectors, batteries, and relays, ensures you can find every component you need under one roof.

But our services extend beyond just providing components. At MLC Europe B.V., we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless shopping experience. Our user-friendly online interface makes browsing and purchasing the necessary components easy. In addition, detailed product specifications, high-quality images, and informative descriptions are provided for each product to help you make informed decisions.

Our experts are available to help you choose the suitable component for your project to address concerns about product specifications; we are committed to offering comprehensive customer support.

Furthermore, we understand the value of time in the fast-paced world of electronics. That’s why we ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your orders, helping you keep your projects on schedule. Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality make us the go-to electronic supply store for countless customers.

MLC Europe B.V. stands at the forefront of electronic component distribution, committed to fostering innovation and technological progress. At MLC Europe B.V., we are more than just a supplier – we are your partners in creating electronic solutions that will shape the future. You can trust us to provide high-quality components and exceptional service to support your journey.


Active Electronic Components

Active electronic components are the cornerstone of modern electronics. Acting as the fundamental driving forces in electronic circuits, they use electrical energy to manipulate, control, and amplify signals. Here at MLC Europe B.V., we offer a diverse range of these vital components:


Transistors Transistors are the foundation of modern electronic devices. Acting as a switch or amplifier, they control current or voltage flow. This three-layer, two pn-junction semiconductor devices regulate signal levels, power distribution, and modulation. As a result, they find applications in diverse fields, from radios and televisions to computers and mobile devices.



Diodes Diodes, the simplest two-terminal unilateral semiconductor devices, allow current to pass in one direction while inhibiting the flow in the opposite direction. They perform several critical functions, such as voltage regulation, signal modulation, and signal demodulation. Apart from this, they also serve in systems for radiation detection and power conversion. At MLC Europe B.V., you can buy electronic components like different diodes – including power diodes, small signal diodes, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).


Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Integrated Circuits (ICs) Integrated Circuits are microchips that pack many tiny transistors, resistors, and diodes on a single chip. These marvels of miniaturization are central to the modern electronics industry. Whether it’s a computer’s microprocessor or a smartphone’s system on a chip (SoC), ICs are the heartbeat of these devices. As a result, they dramatically reduce the size, weight, and cost of electronic products while simultaneously improving their reliability and speed.




Acting as the central processing unit of a computer on a single integrated circuit, microprocessors are the brains behind electronic devices. These chips interpret and execute instructions, driving the functions of the device. They have evolved significantly, with modern microprocessors featuring millions of transistors allowing sophisticated programming and high-speed processing. As a result, microprocessors find applications in all devices with computing abilities, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and even electronic toys and appliances.

Our active electronic components are sourced from reliable manufacturers to ensure quality and performance. Whether designing a new device or repairing an old one, MLC Europe B.V. offers various components to suit your needs. Furthermore, our online store is designed to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, allowing you to find what you need swiftly and conveniently.


Passive Electronic Components

Passive electronic components are essential elements in every electronic circuit. Unlike active electronic components that require power to operate, passive components do not add energy to the circuit. Instead, they respond to the electrical energy they receive. Let’s delve deeper into these components available at MLC Europe B.V.



Resistors Resistors are fundamental passive electronic components in almost all electrical and electronic circuits. They offer a specified amount of resistance to the current flow, hence controlling the amount of current passing through a given point in a circuit. This makes them vital in controlling voltage and current conditions in electronic devices. Resistors come in various types, including fixed resistors, variable resistors, and thermistors. Whether you’re constructing a basic circuit or a complex electronic system, resistors are a must-have component.



Capacitors These are energy-storing components widely used in electronic circuits. A capacitor stores energy between two conductive plates separated by dielectric. Capacitors play crucial roles in filtering noise, stabilizing power supply voltages, and storing and releasing energy quickly, making them critical in applications like signal processing, power conditioning, and energy storage. At MLC Europe B.V., you’ll find a broad range of capacitors, including ceramic, electrolytic, and tantalum capacitors.




Coils, reactors, or inductors When an electric current flows through them, these objects can store energy in a magnetic field. They’re primarily used to impede changes in current in electronic circuits. This property makes inductors useful in various applications, including power supply, RF tuning, and signal processing. Inductors come in various types, including air core, ferrite core, and iron core, each suited to different applications.




Passive electronic devices called transformers transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another using electromagnetic induction. They primarily increase or decrease voltage levels without altering the frequency. Transformers play a significant role in power distribution networks, allowing for efficient long-distance electrical power transmission. They are also used in audio systems, power supplies, and a plethora of electronic devices.

Our passive electronic components at MLC Europe B.V. are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring their quality, reliability, and durability. Our online store categorizes these components in an organized manner, enabling you to navigate and select the required components effortlessly. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, we’ve covered all your passive component needs.


Other Electronic Components

While active and passive electronic components form the basis of electronic circuits, several other components play vital roles in the functioning of an electronic system. Here at MLC Europe B.V., we offer a diverse selection of these components:


Sensors Sensors are advanced devices or modules that detect changes in an environment or a device’s physical condition and convert them into electronic signals. They are integral to various applications, from simple temperature sensors in household thermostats to complex industrial automation and robotics sensors. We offer a wide variety of sensors, including temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and motion sensors, to name a few.




Switches are components that control the flow of electricity within a circuit, making or breaking the circuit to turn a device on or off. They are crucial to operating electronic devices. From simple push-button switches to complex multi-layer switches, you will find a comprehensive range to meet your specific requirements at our online store.



Connectors Connectors are crucial components that facilitate secure connections between different parts of an electronic system. In addition, they ensure efficient communication and power transmission between various components or devices. Whether it’s a simple USB connector or a complex multi-pin connector for industrial applications, MLC Europe B.V. offers various connectors to fulfill your needs.




Batteries are the power sources for countless portable devices. They store energy and provide power to the electronic components. We offer an extensive range of batteries suitable for various applications, from everyday gadgets to specialized industrial equipment.




Relays are electrically operated switches that control circuits. They are used in various applications where controlling a large amount of power or voltage with a small signal is necessary. For example, relays are crucial in many industrial control systems and home appliances.

All the other electronic components offered at MLC Europe B.V. are sourced from trusted manufacturers to ensure their quality and performance. Our easy-to-use online platform categorizes these components to simplify your shopping experience, making it easy to find and select the necessary components for your electronic projects. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an electronics student, or a professional engineer, we provide all the essential components to bring your electronics projects to life.


Why Are Electronic Components Important?

Why Are Electronic Components Important?


In an era dominated by technology, electronic components have become more vital than ever. They are the lifeblood of the digital devices that we rely on daily. Here are some reasons why electronic components are so essential:


Electronic components are fundamental to the operation of all electronic devices. They control and regulate the flow of electric current, giving life to these devices and enabling them to perform their desired functions. Without these components, your TV, laptop, smartphone, or any other electronic device would be just a collection of plastic and metal.


The variety of electronic components available allows developers and engineers to design and build various electronic devices. In addition, this variety provides the flexibility needed to create everything from simple LED lights to complex supercomputers. The possibilities are almost endless, and this flexibility is only possible due to the vast array of electronic components at their disposal.


Electronic components are the building blocks of innovation in technology. The invention of new components or the improvement of existing ones often leads to the developing of new technologies, applications, or devices. Every advancement, from AI to IoT, belongs to these humble components. They fuel progress in various sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and information technology.


High-quality electronic components enhance the performance and efficiency of electronic devices. They ensure that devices operate optimally, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing output. In addition, efficient components contribute to the longevity and reliability of electronic devices, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.


The ability to shrink electronic components without losing efficiency is one of the most revolutionary trends in electronics over the past few decades. This miniaturization has enabled the development of smaller, more compact, and portable devices. In addition, it has transformed the landscape of several industries, notably computing and telecommunications, leading to devices like smartphones and wearables.

Electronic components are the unsung heroes of the technological world. They work silently behind the scenes, ensuring our devices work smoothly and efficiently. Understanding their importance can help us appreciate the complexity and elegance of the devices we often take for granted. At MLC Europe B.V., we acknowledge this importance and are committed to providing a wide array of high-quality electronic components to drive the future of technology.


How To Buy Electronic Components With MLC Europe B.V.?

How To Buy Electronic Components With MLC Europe B.V.?

Sourcing electronic components can be challenging, especially given the multiple options available in the market. However, the impact of distributors in simplifying this process must be considered. Distributors like MLC Europe B.V. serve as a one-stop shop of electronic components all in one place.

When looking for electronic components, there are various resources you can tap into. These include manufacturer websites, component databases, online forums, and, of course, distributors. Each has benefits and can provide helpful information, including product specifications, comparability, and availability.

Manufacturer websites often provide the most detailed information about a component, but the breadth of products can be limited. Component databases and online forums are excellent resources for comparing components and learning from the experiences of other users. However, the sheer volume of information can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is where electronic components distributors like MLC Europe B.V. come into play. We collate components from various manufacturers, providing a comprehensive selection in one location. In addition, we streamline the process of sourcing components by offering an easy-to-navigate online store that lets you quickly find and compare various components based on your needs.

Our online store is meticulously organized, with components categorized based on type, manufacturer, specifications, etc. This helps you easily navigate through our extensive inventory. In addition, each product listed on our platform comes with detailed specifications, high-quality images, and clear pricing, providing all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Moreover, MLC Europe B.V. makes placing orders for electronic components in bulk easy. Our online platform is designed to handle large orders efficiently, ensuring you can secure the necessary components in the required quantities. Furthermore, our efficient order-handling process ensures that your components are promptly delivered to your doorstep, aiding in the smooth progression of your projects.

For those requiring additional assistance, our team of knowledgeable professionals is always ready to help. Whether you need guidance in selecting a suitable component, have queries about a product, or require support in placing an order, we are here to assist.

At MLC Europe B.V., we go beyond just supplying components. We strive to make sourcing electronic components as easy and efficient as possible. From providing a wide selection of quality components to offering a user-friendly online shopping experience and excellent customer support, we ensure that looking for electronic components is smooth and straightforward. Partner with MLC Europe B.V. and experience the ease and convenience of sourcing electronic components from a trusted distributor.


What Does MLC Europe B.V. Offer?

What Does MLC Europe B.V. Offer?

At MLC Europe B.V., we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of electronic components. However, we offer much more than just products; our services comply with the varying needs of every electronics enthusiast, professional, or organization. Here’s what you can expect from us:

✔ Wide Selection

Our company prides itself in providing our customers with various electronic components. Our inventory includes everything from essential components like resistors and capacitors to more complex ones like microprocessors and sensors. So whether you’re working on a simple DIY project or developing advanced industrial equipment, our wide selection ensures you can find the necessary components.

✔ High-quality Electronic Components

At MLC Europe B.V., quality is not an option; it’s a guarantee. We understand that the reliability of your electronic devices depends on the quality of their components. That’s why we partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring our products are dependable, durable, and meet all industry standards.

✔ Knowledgeable Team

We help you choose the right components that meet your needs. In addition, we can give you valuable advice on selecting from different types of components and answer any questions you have about specifications. 

✔ Tools and Accessories

Along with electronic components, we also offer a variety of tools and accessories required for assembling and maintaining electronic devices. From soldering irons to multimeters, we have everything you need to put your components to use.

✔ Convenience

We aim to ensure you access electronic components as easily and hassle-free as possible. Our online store is designed with user-friendly features, allowing you to browse and shop for components at your leisure.

✔ Competitive Pricing

At MLC Europe B.V., we believe in offering great value. We strive to provide high-quality components at competitive prices. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in every project and aim to ensure you get the best deal for your budget.

At MLC Europe B.V., we aim to empower you to bring your electronic ideas to life. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a student, a professional engineer, or a purchasing manager, we’re here to provide the electronic components you need, along with the support and service you deserve. 


In the fast-paced world of electronics, where technology constantly evolves, and innovation is the norm, having a reliable source of high-quality electronic components is crucial. MLC Europe B.V. is more than just an electronic components online shop; we are a partner dedicated to assisting you in bringing your electronic visions to life.

We understand the crucial role electronic components play in technology and innovation. With our vast range of active, passive, and other essential electronic components, we are committed to providing everything you need in one place. Our comprehensive selection of products, combined with our emphasis on quality, convenience, and competitive pricing, ensures you have access to the best components to fulfill your requirements.

Our knowledgeable personnel are on hand to guide you through your purchasing process, providing expert advice and assistance to ensure you make the best choices for your specific needs. Furthermore, buying electronic components has never been easier or more convenient with our user-friendly online platform.

MLC Europe B.V. is your one-stop solution for all your electronic component needs. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY electronics project, designing a new product, or managing the supply chain for a manufacturing firm, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let MLC Europe B.V. be your trusted partner in your electronic journey, helping you turn ideas into reality. Experience the perfect blend of quality, variety, and affordability with us, and let’s drive the future of technology together.

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