Solenoids, Actuators

A motor is a machine in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.It is used in machine tools, automobiles, subway systems, video cassette recorders, and computer printers, to name only a few. This energy conversion is done by passing an electric current through a wire loop within a magnetic field. The magnetic field of this electric current is created by solenoids. Solenoids, an integral part of different types of motors, are electromechanical devices which consist of a cylindrical metal core. Their most common uses are as switches, such as starters in vehicles. You can acquire advanced motion control functions regarding speed, acceleration, and status monitoring with different motor types.

To be able to drive a motor, a driver board/module is required. A driver board/module is an electronic device in which the electrical energy is first harnessed and controlled and then sent to the motor. It comes into the picture when two devices operating under different current levels are connected to a power supply voltage. For instance, when the microcontroller and the motor work on differing voltage ranges, the engine will use a current level higher than the microcontroller through the help of the driver board/module.

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