Optoisolators - Triac, SCR Output

The isolator is a mechanical switch that, when necessary, is used to isolate a portion of the electrical circuit. An electrical circuit is opened using isolator switches when no load is present. It is not advised to open it when the line is carrying current. These are typically used on circuit breakers that are on both ends. As a result, the circuit breaker repair can be completed swiftly and safely.

The isolator’s primary purpose, a switching device, is to ensure that a circuit is not activated to carry out the preservation. Similar to isolation switches used to isolate circuits, these are likewise easily recognisable. These switches can be used in industrial settings and for power distribution, among other things. High voltage type isolation switches in substations are used to isolate machinery like transformers and circuit breakers. The disconnector switch is typically recommended for isolation rather than circuit control. Isolators can be manually or automatically engaged.

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