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A sequence of transistors is arranged on a compact, flat piece, typically composed of silicon, to create an integrated circuit known as an ASIC, IC, or simply a chip. The IC serves as a platform for tiny transistors, which can work faster than the vast, dated transistors in earlier versions. They can be found in many different electronic products because they are much more robust and cheaper to create.

Transistors, other electronic components, and groups of wires make up conventional circuits. Different from conventional circuits, integrated circuits use silicon particleboard in place of a number of their components. The size of the board was further decreased by the use of silicon by eliminating the requirement for transistors, resistors, diodes, and capacitors. Since all of these components could be soldered on the silicon board, the size was further decreased by doing away with the requirement for wires.

The electronics industry underwent a revolution with the invention of the integrated circuit. It paved the way for gadgets like cell phones, laptops, CD players, televisions, and household equipment. Additionally, the proliferation of chips contributed to the globalization of cutting-edge electronic equipment.

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