Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Arrays

Power plants generate electricity transmitted through distribution networks to your house or place of employment. However, most buildings have many electrical circuits and use rubber boxes for extensive power distribution systems, whether tiny homes or commercial. For instance, separate "zones" in the building may be on different electrical circuits, which might power lighting, heating, and other equipment from different circuits.

In an electrical fault, circuit protection is a fail safe to protect persons and property. There is a maximum voltage or amperage for each electrical circuit. If this is surpassed, the wire overheats, resulting in the insulation melting and a fire starting. Similar outcomes and a significant chance of catastrophic injury occur in the event of an earth fault, short circuit, improper installation, or overloaded circuit.

Circuit protection stops this from "tripping the circuit," which would cause the electrical supply to that specific circuit to be instantly cut off. When this occurs, powerful currents that may otherwise cause overheating and fires cannot pass through the wire.

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