Any part or component that allows an interconnect solution to connect with another part or component is referred to as a “interconnect connection.” Or to put it another way, “interconnect connection” is just a more technical term for “connector.” Henceforth, “interconnect connection” and “connector” shall have the same meaning. One or more connectors may be necessary for an interconnect system to work effectively. The quantity needed for a specific gadget depends on its intended use and design. Although not every connector will include every element listed below, contacts and housings are the two fundamental parts that every connector is made up of.

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Australia has a strong manufacturing industry in which original equipment manufacturing companies play a vital role. Original equipment manufacturing companies design and manufacture products used in

Similar to electronic component distributors, original equipment manufacturing companies are also essential to the electronics industry. These companies design, produce and supply various components and

Canada has a thriving manufacturing industry, with many companies specializing in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) for various sectors. These companies produce and supply components, systems,

Original equipment manufacturing companies are firms that produce parts and components used to produce another company’s final product. In other words, they are manufacturers that

Original equipment manufacturing companies are essential players in the manufacturing industry, providing services to design, develop, and produce products for other companies or end-users. These

Electronic Contract Manufacturers play a critical role in the manufacturing industry by providing high-quality PCB assembly services. Whether you are a small or an established

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