Medical Industry Innovations

Medical Industry Innovations

Medical Industry Innovations


It has been many years since healthcare and technology are linked because they can provide efficient alternative to the traditional medical industry. Nowadays, the development of new technologies allows the medical industry to improve treatments and monitoring of patients. Therefore, it is a sector which needs electronic parts so that includes electronic components supplier.

The appearance of augmented reality is useful for medical education, especially in the United States where 96,000 doctors are needed to respond to the current needs. The healthcare applications can provide 3D training to improve the learning of the whole human body by showing 3D holographic images, which help to understand how our body works.

Moreover, it is easier to interact for doctors because they have more possibilities and facilities for training themselves. The augmented reality allows them to become more efficient during surgeries, where precision is essential.

Doctors have also to be efficient when making diagnostics that they provide to their patients. The Qualcomm Tricorder is a portable and wireless device that monitors and diagnoses health conditions in a very deep way.

It can detect 13 health conditions such as anemia, atrial fibrillation, diabete, pneumonia, mononucleosis etc. It can capture 5 real-time vital signs as well like blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart and respiratory rate, then temperature.

Cardiac transplants are also an issue that need to be solved. There are about 50,000 candidates for transplantation and about 5,000 transplants per year. Moreover, organs are preserved in a cold solution which can cause serious damages to the heart.

Therefore, a warm blood perfusion system has been created to keep hearts beating and “breathing”. It allows them to maintain organs in good condition and prevent possible damages due to the preservation.

Another way to change habits in the healthcare industry is to find an alternative to traditional animal testing for drugs. It is provided by a new microchip which have the size of a memory stick. It is flexible, and it allows to mimic the environment of living organs to test drugs on it instead on animals. It is the beginning of what industrial devices can offer to the medical sector.

By using technology, healthcare industry has made progress especially thanks to the 3D printing. It is used in the healthcare industry for 15 years to create prosthetics and implants. Its future use forecast to improve the use of medicine by, for instance, producing optimal and personalized medication dose by using age, race, gender etc.

3D printing will also allow to create limitless dosage forms and print more complex release profiles to target and control drug release.

As an electronic component supplier, our mission is to provide all electronic parts that the medical sector needs. It is one of the filed where we are involved so we make our possible to have a complete electronic inventory to help the new healthcare technologies development.

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