The Top 9 Electronic Component Distributors in Germany

The Top 9 Electronic Component Distributors in Germany


Germany’s electronic component distributor sector has been performing very well amongst the increasing global competition, continuously expanding its position across Europe over time.

Online businesses have been substantially impacting the market over the years. With personal advice, technical support, and direct contact with the customer, German electronic component distributors participate in the electronics industry’s fast-evolving and challenging nature. Offering excellent, highly individualized service while constantly adding new and innovative product lines to their portfolios, electronic component distributors in Germany are becoming one of the leading electronics sectors in Europe. 

Furthermore, German electronic component distributors offer reliable partnerships, which are the cornerstone for long-term success. Therefore, they continue to expand their local and international business partner network through such partnership approaches, further fueling their sustainable growth strategy. 

By leveraging their excellent customer service, partnership approach, constantly evolving product portfolio, and great international network, German electronic component distributors will benefit from their own strengths while focusing on sustainable growth and staying true to traditional company values.

Before searching for an ‘electronic components store near me,’ check out these top 9 German electronics stores and electronic component distributors that offer high-quality products and global shipping, where you can order electronic components online and at any given time.


Established in 2015, UCC INDU GmbH is a credible and successful leading electronic component distributor in commercial and industrial segments, offering everyday standard, unique, or bottleneck products to be procured customer-specifically. 

With high-quality service, UCC INDU GmbH has successfully been supplying the automotive, automation, industrial, telecommunications, aerospace, and medical industries with specific requirements, securing large stock to maintain its clients’ standard electronic manufacturing services and original equipment productions.

Furthermore, taking necessary quality control steps to reduce residual risks and comprehensive quality assurance concerning the delivery of component selection and control, UCC INDU GmBH supplies its customers with high-quality parts from safe sources.



Established in 2012, Puretecs is a German electronics store specializing in hydrofluoroether (HFE) liquids and fluoropolymer coating materials, developing optimized solutions for the cleaning and protective coating of electronic assemblies. With the introduction of ultra-thin fluoropolymers to the entire surface of electronic assemblies, Puretecs employs an immersion process without restricting the capacity to make contact. 

In addition, its product portfolio has been continuously expanded to include the entire range of protective coatings, cooling, plant engineering, process development, sample production, and cleaning solutions, maintaining its position as one of Germany’s top electronic component distributors, where you can order electronic components online. 


OLIGO Surface Controls

Based in Bayern, Germany, OLIGO surface controls comprises three German electronic component distributor companies: OLIGO Lichttechnik GmbH in Sankt Augustin, RSL Lichttechnik GmbH in Sankt Augustin, and OLIGO surface controls in Lenzen.

The main headquarters of OLIGO surface controls have offered individual and optical paint and surface control solutions in multiple industries for over 20 years. It designs and develops lighting systems according to the needs of its customers by providing state-of-the-art light technologies which make even minimal surface defects visible. As a result, manufacturers and electronic component distributors can take corrective action, reduce extra waste, and easily ensure consistent quality.


IDEC Corporation

Founded in 1945, IDEC Corporation has provided reliable automation and control products worldwide for over six decades, including electrical control components with command and signaling devices for all typical installation diameters, emergency stop buttons, three-stage enable switches, signal pillars, relays, and switched-mode power supply units. 

Focusing primarily on the interaction between machines and humans, IDEC Corporation manufactures its products by prioritizing sustainability with its “Save & Safety” philosophy, saving energy and ensuring safety.


GMS Electronic Vertriebs GmbH

Founded in 1987, GMS Electronic Vertriebs GmbH has been an innovative electronic component distributor for over 25 years. It manufactures customer-specific assemblies and takes on the complete processing and logistics concept. This includes the procurement of materials, assembly, series production through the manufacture of complete devices, prototype construction, and testing.

It manufactures exclusively in Germany and continuously invests in its local town, employees, and German electronics stores. Furthermore, being a small, medium-sized company enables GMS to react quickly and flexibly to its customers, producing assemblies in the shortest possible time where you can order electronic components online and at any given time.


Arfidex GmBH

Based in Rödermark, Germany, Arfidex GmBH is one of the top professional electronic component distributors for high-quality RFID/NFC system components, software solutions, and sensors. In addition, it offers industrial customers and system integrators competent advice and a high-tech RFID and NFC product portfolio that includes both standard and customized RFID and combination sensor tags. 

With more than 1000 employees in development and production who provide innovative RFID/NFC and other quality products of ISO9001-certified output, GMS staff guarantees quality by mastering all necessary production steps, including developing and processing RFID chips and complete RFID tags.


Jauch Quartz GmBH

Founded in 1954, Jauch Quartz GmBH is one of the leading electronic component distributors of quartz crystals, oscillators, and battery technologies, including developing customized lithium battery packs as a recognized expert in lithium battery technology. 

From Frequency Control products to highly stable, shock-resistant components, Jauch Quartz GmBH products operate reliably in customer applications. Jauch Quartz specialists further accompany customer projects from sample to volume production. 

A modern battery assembly line for battery solutions with high technical requirements ensures the production of individual battery packs for various applications, including an in-house testing laboratory with reliable measuring equipment letting these specialists perform AEC-Q200 testing for automotive applications on the Frequency product and UL / UN & IEC testing capabilities for the batteries.


Alle Elektronik GmBH

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Alle Elektronik GmbH is one of Europe’s fastest-growing German electronic component distributors.

It specializes in selling military, industrial, and commercial electronic components and has formed long-term corporation partnerships with local manufacturers and electronic component distributors. In addition, Alle Elektronik GmBH has established strong and long-standing business relationships with many overseas electronic components/IC suppliers and companies, delivering cost-efficient and top-quality IC products with personalized service.


Avnet Electronics Marketing GmBH

Based in Poing, Germany, Avnet Electronics Marketing GmBH, further known as Avnet Germany, helps its clients accelerate their product design and optimize their supply chain by offering them a vast range of products, including semi-components, connectors, power supplies, and software.

Spread out all over the globe with over 40 different offices, Avnet Germany is one of Europe’s top electronic component distributors. With design tools, prototyping, and testing services offered, Avnet Germany can complete its clients’ prototypes and prepare them for production efficiently and effectively.

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