Electronics Industry Today – MLC Europe B.V.

The electronics industry makes consumer electronics, electronic equipment, and electrical components for various goods. Circuit boards, televisions, and mobile gadgets are typical items in the electronics industry. Telecommunications, networking, electronic components, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics are all included in the electronics sector.   Growth in The Electronics Industry The electronics industry’s rapid expansion results […]

MLC Europe | Steps Toward a Sustainable Future

Electronics’ easy usage and quick disposal are due to the components that make them possible. Compounds poisonous to humans and damaging to ecosystems are found in parts of smartphones, laptops, and even kitchen appliances. E-waste has accumulated as devices have gotten cheaper to purchase. E-waste is “the fastest-growing waste stream in the world,” according to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Global Chip Shortage

Even though it should have been predictable, the global chip deficit, also known as the microchip shortage, seems to have caught everyone by surprise. Currently, silicon chips are found in almost everything, including phones, computers, household appliances, and even automobiles. Furthermore, as technology advances, the greatest processors are no longer exclusive to the newest gaming […]

Medical Industry Innovations

It has been many years since healthcare and technology are linked because they can provide efficient alternative to the traditional medical industry. Nowadays, the development of new technologies allows the medical industry to improve treatments and monitoring of patients. Therefore, it is a sector which needs electronic parts so that includes electronic components supplier. The […]

A global expert of sourcing electronic components

MLC Europe is a global leader specialized in sourcing electronic components across the globe, who brings the pride of being the expert in international electronic sourcing service despite scarcity and pandemic situation. Clients in the European, US, Asian as well as Oceania market will find satisfaction as MLC’s sales and customer service system are expanding […]