Who We Are?
We are a global leader for sourcing Electronic Components

MLC Europe BV. is a global leader specialised in sourcing electronic components across the globe via our wide network of vendors worldwide. We help manufacturers, brokers and electronical engineers to get the parts they need when they cannot find these parts through their normal channels. Our primary focus is on active, passive and electromechanical components, and we have the ability to source other specialty products used in military, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries.

We do this through our extensive network of manufacturers, brokers, distributors and stockists who have excess stock available at short notice. Many of our contacts do not have an online presence and/or do not have their inventory accessible online. This means we have access to inventory which other suppliers may not be able to provide.

MLC Europe BV. has its headquarters located in AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. From here, our sales and customer service teams serve our clients in the European, African and America markets. We also have locations in The Philippines, covering Asian and Oceanian markets.

Why Choose Us?
Our Quality Procedures and Supplier Evaluations are important to us

The electronic components industry can sometimes not be relied upon for assurances that the product you need will always be available when you need it. This is evident with many of our customers when they attempt to replenish stock of particular components. Such barriers include: Production delays with the parent manufacturer resulting in you not having the product you require to keep production lines open. This can result in temporary factory closure, increased costs and potentially losing contracts due to your inability to finish and deliver products in a timely manner.

Components becoming obsolete, with the parent manufacturer marking them as an End-Of-Life product. This can become a serious issue with product manufacturers, and often results in costly and time-consuming redesign processes to ensure your product is compatible with alternative, more accessible components. In some instances, you must consider Return On Investment calculations to ensure your redesign process is a financially viable solution. Whichever option you choose, we are here to allow you to keep your production lines open during this timely redesign process. We do this by targeting distributors, stockists and factories which have excess stock available.

In some cases, stock is available, but you cannot obtain it. There could be many reasons for this, including regional sanctions on products, warehouse location or product being reserved for another competitor.

MLC Europe BWV. has grown rapidly during the past few years. In 2017, our sales team grew 10 times more than the previous year. This is primarily due to: An increasing amount of electronics becoming obsolete, having long lead times or simply being hard to find. An increasing number of vendors are available to us worldwide, coupled with detailed reviewing of our supplier’s performance. This results in us having a set of strong and trustworthy relations with electronic components suppliers.

Our counterfeit procedures, along with our quality procedures and supplier performance evaluation, assists us in identifying imitation products which are attempting to be traded on the market. In 2016, we successfully identified more than 436 batches of counterfeit products.

Our sales and customer service teams have recently grown with a focus on providing native language sales and support to all our customers globally. These languages currently include English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, Turkish, Korean, Italian, Dutch and others,

We are located in the heart of Europe (AMSTERDAM, Netherlands). This allows us a fast turnover time for products being imported from outside the EU

Our quality procedures assist us in identifying poor quality or defective product which, naturally, our customers prefer to avoid. The obsolete electronic components which we provide are generally accompanied with ISO testing certification provided by well-known and trusted testing laboratories.